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XE-Filter FAQ : Spam filter system requirements

Some eMail comes from companies that have multiple servers in multiple countries.  How can XE-Filter handle this?

How to use XE-Filter to resolve email routed through multiple countries

It is possible for XE-Filter customers to receive normal email from clients of messaging service companies (I.e. Blackberry, MessageLabs, BigFish, etc. ) that transmit from mail servers operating in multiple countries.   These operations may result in an unexpected refusal of this email by XE-Filter.

The XE-Filter administrator can easily look at the Event Details tab and use the "Edit->Find (Control-F)" command to search for the refused correspondent's email address.  Since this refusal was unexpected, there may be many entries were accepted, so press F3 to jump to the next log entry.  When the refused entry is located, hover the cursor for more details.  In most cases, the reason in the email's country of origin.

Press the button to add the sender or IP address into the XE-Filter whitelist.  If your organization deals with multiple correspondents at the same domain, it may be necessary to whitelist the sender's entire domain instead.  

CMS recommends against whitelisting large community domains like AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

Example: Canadian eMail Routed Via Netherlands

Recently, an XE-Filter customer had a Canadian correspondent's email designated as originating from a mail server in the Netherlands.

This XE-Filter site banned email from The Netherlands so in spite of the sender's original Canadian location, an unexpected routing by Message Labs caused the message to be refused.

An examination of the IP address,, shows that the location of the email server is in fact in the Netherlands and belongs to MessageLabs in the United Kingdom.

In this case, it was decided to add the entire IP Address range to the XE-Filter whitelist.

The best source CMS has found for this information is, a site which lets you export the entire IP list and displays it on-screen.

     # Results from IronPort's SenderBase
     # Addresses recently used, domain ''
     # Exported: July 20, 2010 # # # # # # # # # # # #

Copy this IP Address range list and paste it into a text file.  This can then be directly imported into the XE-Filter's IP whitelist.

DNSStuff.Com IP Example:

In the XE-Filter Manager, use "File->Import IP list..." to display the Import dialog box. 

Select the "IP Whitelist" button as the destination, and specify the source file. 

Provide a comment that will identify each IP address entry being whitelisted.  CMS recommends using a date and source information as the comment.

Once imported, select "File->Save" or the changes will not take effect.


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