Tuesday, May 30, 2006

IP Blacklisting Hits NZ Telecom Mail Servers

The folks here at CMS have said over and over to always watch your mail servers for accidental blacklisting, now here’s a recent item from New Zealand on that exact subject.

SORBS wrongly listing New Zealand IP space

Just take a look at this double-whammy from the article.

First email server IP addresses get blacklisted. Read into this email lost, business delayed and whole lot of other revenue killing stuff.

  • A large Telecom subnet has been black listed by sorbs, this happens to include some/all of their mail servers as well as many customers
And now comes the second blow, “slow database updates” to correct the error

  • A number of announcements have been made by SORBS in various locations - there is an issue with slow database updates currently..."

Nice one-two punch, you get accidentally blacklisted and it will be some time before you are taken off the blacklist. Yes we put you on the list but be patient, it will take some time to remove you. Makes you want to scream "I did nothing wrong but I'm getting screwed".

Sounds like this accidental blacklisting of innocent mail servers could cause a lot of New Zealand Dollars (NZD) to go down the toilet (or is it a Loo in New Zealand?).

Looks like the perfect place for CMS’ BL-Monitor PRO. A simple purchase could have saved a lot of grief and NZD.

Check out BL-Monitor PRO before your NZD, USD, JPY, EUR, et al go down the toilet, loo, john, out-house etc.




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