Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is “Country-Of-Origin” Filtering Just Too Logical?

My mantra for the last year or so is “Why get email from countries where you have no interests”. It's a simple concept so why don't more folks do it?

Following are just three of many items that show how you could simplify your email by using “Country-Of-Origin” email filtering.


“AUSTRALIAN telecommunications companies have been told to harden their networks against spam from eastern European crime syndicates.” Story...

Simple… You protect yourself from harmful Eastern European phishing schemes by accepting no mail from Eastern European email servers. i.e. "Country-of-Origin" filtering.


"An Australian man is under investigation for allegedly using Dutch computers to send billions of spam e-mails around the world, most of them promoting Viagra". Story...

Again… If you don’t do business in the Netherlands, why get email from the Netherlands. This problem is gone in an instant.


"The FTC works to shut down illegal spammers through civil actions. But a loophole in federal law prevents its investigators from sharing information with other countries. That makes it tough for the agency to punish spammers and spyware distributors who have gone global, setting up homes, bank accounts and servers in separate countries". Story...

OK, the United States Federal Trade Commission realizes foreign spam is a problem but they can’t do anything about it."

Well you can. Repeat after me... "Country-of-Origin" filtering XE-Filter.

Say this five times, go to the XE-Filter website, download, install and instantly drop those countries where you have no business interests. Spam is gone.

Your eMail Life Then Gets Simplier.



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