Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spam-in' On Up to the Eastside

First, my apologies to George and Wheezy for paraphrasing their theme song as my title.

Now isn't this interesting. Apparently the “Russian Business Network” (RBN) has disappeared from St. Petersburg and is thought to be relocating to China.

For those who are unfamiliar with RBN, let me fill you in… Just see the “Rock Phish” item I published several weeks ago. This is representative of the clientele for the RBN, just your usual child porn, identity theft, spamming by the millions folks. Known to many but beyond the reach of authority (if an authority exists).

The current thinking is that this host to Russian cyber-crooks has found a sympathetic home within the vast Chinese internet (162 million Internet users, 1.31 million websites and 67 million online computers).

So now, spammer hosts have the anonymity to relocate under an international curtain. If it's too hot in St. Petersburg (hard to believe in December), move on to the next welcoming country.

So how do Russian officials view the folks over at RBN?

"A spokesman for the Russian Embassy at first denied any knowledge of the RBN, then suggested that it was based in England." (Read)

One researcher suggests that to some, “Robin Hood” is alive and well…

"Hackers are bad-arse freedom fighters who are putting it to fat westerners with too much money, and that's not seen as a bad thing." (Read)

And of course the Secretary General of Interpol, Ronald K. Noble, states the obvious…
"It is clear that organized cybercrime has taken root in countries that don't have response mechanisms, laws, infrastructure and investigative support set up to respond to the threat quickly." (Read)

Even Robert Mueller, FBI Director acknowledges that cyber-threats are international…

"Increasingly, cyber threats originate outside of our borders". (Read)

So what can a small business, community or school do to protect themselves and email from international spam threats? I know. Filter your email based on Country-Of-Origin.

Simple fix. Grand results.



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