Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spam for Fun and Profit in Vietnam

In your face world” is literally what some Vietnamese companies are saying by turning spam generation into an open and legitimate business. From the article “Spam eMail in Vietnam”, comes this beauty of a quote…

  • “Spam mail delivery service has been professionalised in Vietnam. In Hanoi, tens of companies publicly announce they provide this service to clients. Those companies are ready to help their clients to send spam emails to a million mailboxes a day”.

So while the rest of the world is attempting to legislate spam out of existence (good luck with that), some Vietnamese companies are embracing spam email as a capitalist, profit generating business opportunity. Forget the annoyance of “VI-ag-rah” subject lines or the millions of dollars spent to filter email, Vietnam will pump spam by the ton into your mailbox.

With anti-spam laws non-existent in Vietnam, notice this statement from a salesmen of spam generating software in Vietnam. It puts them in direct violation of the CAN-SPAM act in the USA.

  • “What law? What rule is there about it? Nobody in Vietnam bans you from sending advertising emails. Moreover, our software allows you to add any email address to the sender status so nobody can know that you are the spammer”.

Take that CAN-SPAM. These Vietnamese guys will put any email address they like into the sender and you can't do a thing about it. Can you?

Of course you can ... Try Country of Origin email filtering based upon the IP-Address and not just easily disguised domain names or message body text.

Or are you still convinced that “feel-good” anti-spam laws passed “look-at-me-I-care” politicians work? Remember, no legislation alone is effective when spam originates in countries that really don’t care and allow the establishment of operations that would be illegal in other parts of the world.

So you can reject email based upon its country of origin, check out our free XE-Filter software.