Monday, March 17, 2008

Denial of Service Flood ... Rejected

Normally I don’t venture into tech support. They are several buildings away from my desk and I spent enough time in tech support during my dark past, but an email I received from them today got my attention.

Apparently there is a small trucking and container company located on the West Coast whose domain was hijacked by spammers and is currently under a massive “Denial of Service" spam attack.

Since early March, this company, with 15 employee mailboxes, is averaging over 1 million incoming, bogus email messages per day.

Bad news? No, not really.

This company is an XE-Filter customer and XE-Filter has worked flawlessly in protecting their email server from this DoS attack.

The CEO of CMS, Lih-Tah Wong, thinks that the attack on this company goes beyond just ordinary spam…

“The stats show that they are still getting pounded with the same crap they have been getting since early March. Since this flood has not subsided, someone is continuing to use their domain name in sending out spam. It seems malicious and intentional to me”.
So the good news is that XE-Filter’s Denial of Service protection let these West Coast guys go about their normal business.

So while XE-Filter has started out as simply a “Country-of-Origin” filter, it has now become a major means of email protection for many, many companies.