Monday, April 06, 2009

Sincere apologies for being away so long...

Been a long time since I played with this little spam forum of mine so let me apologize to those who visit this little blog of mine. I know you are out there be cause I regularly get updates on web traffic and see y’all coming around.

So what jarred me into action and brought me back from my real work to this blog?

Well I was doing some Google Analysis on keywords and there, popping up several times in page one rankings were link to articles that I have written for the blog.

First thought... great… second thought … what was I doing not updating it.

So my second though won out, real work aside, I am now looking for a topical item to publish. Maybe something ironic? Maybe something downright idiotic? But I will publish.

So until then a side note from a Michigan State fan …

Sparty On .... GO GREEN GO WHITE …. Beat those NC guys in powder blue.

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